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YES YOU CAN by Elizabeth YES YOU CAN!! This is Inspirational,  motivational and transformational for every woman, young adult, young couple and youth and families. In every challenges of life there is always a way out, in every situation of life there is always a way out, in every problems, there solutions, and this is to [...]

How to Live the Life You Desire

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What is stopping you from living the life you desire? Who stops you from achieving the goals you have drawn out? Ten years from now, will you be where you want to be? Many lay on their deathbeds with regrets, wishing they had lived better lives or spent time with family and so on. A few [...]


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Remember! Your knock down is not a knock out, It is a set up for a lift up and your setback will become a setup for lifting, Hard-pressed and not crushed, Perplexed but not in despair,, Persecuted not forsaken, Struck down but not destroyed, Troubled but not distressed, Fall down several times but not totally cast [...]

Success in Adversity

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'' In the day of prosperity be joyful, but in the day of adversity consider.'' (Eccl.7:14) Dedicated to : Pastor Elugbemi, Deaconess Bokan,  Robert & Ngozi Eze Adversity is a constant companion, but learning to push through tough times is a lesson sometimes harshly taught or discussed. We can always rise above any tragedy. My brother's [...]

Focus On What Is Important

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Focus on God's plan and purpose for your life Focus on your children Focus on what is important to you Focus on your spouse Focus on the kingdom of God Focus on your job Focus on your business Focus on your ministries Focus on your career Focus on your family Work on your assignment Keep the [...]

Divine Appointment

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Women were carefully and wonderfully created to be a man's helpmate,  supporter and home-builder. Men need influence and women were employed to fill the post. Women were created to fill a need and a gap. Women are needed to fill the human resource gap. "Those who know the situation, correct the situation. Those who understand their [...]

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