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JOEL BOKAN …..Pastor Extraordinaire

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An outreach man of prayer that fate brought into our lives accidentally with a visitation to pray  to with  a sick individual.  In the words of the person, the ''whole house shook''  after the prayer session.   Albert Einstein remarked, ''Try not to become a man of success only but a man of value: Joel Bokan [...]


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  We made covenant with one another and we have to be committed to it by God's grace, with understanding and wisdom. According to the books of  (Proverb  31, Proverb 14:1, 1 Corinthians 11:3, Ephesian 5:23-24, Titus 2:2-8)  these are the original role of a married woman and the man. The divine principles and the older ones should be an inspiration [...]


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Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold...A Popular Song We all carry a spark of divine within us. Find that spark within you. Do the same with someone you love. Appreciate it. Our work is to grow this spark into a flame. We can use this to help our-self, [...]

Relationship Still Matter!

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As defined in, relationship is a connection, association, or involvement. It is an emotional connection between individuals by blood or marriage. British dictionary defines relationships as the state of being connected or related, or an association by blood or marriage. Merriam Webster's simple definition of relationships is the way of which two or more people, [...]

The Passion of Fatherhood

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Okun Magazine's CEO, publisher and editor-in-chief encountered and observed an interesting episode in a family's activities during the past weekend. Mr. Shola Salako and his three sons had gone skiing for the first time at the Mt. Brighton Ski Resort in Brighton, Michigan, and he had shared his thoughts and experiences on his social media page. [...]

Marriage Failures

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It can be extremely difficult for two people to begin a relationship, sustaining that relationship can sometimes be a challenge.  We all have our faults and flaws, our marks of imperfection and as two people come to know each other, the flaws become more pronounced.  Why has it become so difficulty for couples to stay together? [...]

Reflection of the Daughter of Former Immigrants

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27 years ago, a woman named Linda Myers saw something in my dad. Something that made her fly all the way out to the London, interview my father and decide he was the perfect physical therapist for their company and hired him. My mother had my sister in London and soon after, they were both off [...]

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