It Take A Community

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A greedy and grasping person destroys community (Prov 15:27). You create a community by paying attention to those around you, learning how to connect with each other and raw materials all around you. Even though, creating a community can sound like a utopian dream a times but  community can be a supportive environment where we all [...]

Fiwasaye Girls Grammar School

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Fiwasaye Girls Grammar School was established in 1960. It was established as a school designed for girls to come and learn and also acquire skills and values that will enable them achieve and be successful in life. The school is located in Akure in Ondo State. The first principal was Ms. Pelly, whom yellow house was [...]

So What Do You Do?

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Over Christmas break I had a pleasant conversation about my work. I chatted with someone who also worked in the non-profit field. We both shared how we genuinely enjoy connection with the members of community, the people who make up the community. Politics are a given because of the world we live in. It can just [...]

Are We Up for the Challenge?

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My roommate Hannah has recently inspired me to get to know the homeless community in Detroit on a personal level. If you weren’t aware already, there is a large homeless community in Detroit, just like there in most big cities. From NYC, for Europe to the suburbs, I have seen it with my own eyes. Unfortunately [...]

Torn Between Two Cities

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I’ve officially returned back to my semi-roots. After a summer in New York City, I was completely torn. I realized that I had accomplished a lot after graduating and I never gave myself the credit. I was chosen out of hundreds of people for two extremely competitive fellowships, back-to-back, yet still struggling at times to pat [...]

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