The Okuns Investments Group

Okuns Investment, LLC was founded in 2009. The Okuns brand which comprises of Okuns Rehab, Inc. (2009), Okuns Global (Nigeria) Limited (2004), Tonybabs, LLC (2011), Okuns Foundation (Non-Profit in process) Okuns Investment, LLC combines the finance, magazine, house rental and miscellaneous services of the Okuns brand. Okuns Rehab deals with the out-patient, home-care and medical products. Okuns Global (Nigeria) Limited, involves in both investment in stocks, treasury bills and rental properties in Nigeria. TonyBabs is a partnership Liability company involves with rental property in state of Michigan.

Okuns Rehab unit business unit is a leading solution provider for out-patient (Careplus), homecare and medical equipment services. OkunsMagazine is the leading advertising platform and promotion of Okuns brands. Okuns Finance is the unit that gives out short-term loan for cars, goods and housing. Okuns Rental is involves in renting out goods or products not limited to our core service areas. Okuns Rental offers a multitude of applications to satisfy the needs of different target groups: consumers and industrial businesses either in beauty care, adult foster & daycare services, catering and event planning services. Okuns Rental unit is an offshore of our globally known Okuns Plaza (OkunsVenture Inc.)

Who We Are

The Celebration of Achievers, Culture and Business.
We strive to spotlight the contribution of individuals, groups as well corporations. We intend to promote peaceful co-existence, unity and progress of African and American.
We have a deliberate policy of making all Okuns brand name, be it Okuns Magazine, Finance, Rental, Rehabilitation, and miscellaneous services competitive without compromising quality. Our word is our bond.
At Okuns Investment, LLC, we are never happy until our client is satisfied. Our objective is not to make jumbo profits from one client at a time, but on volume of business, hence the offer of several incentives at no additional cost for continuous business relationship purposes, with the hope that if you are satisfied with our service, you will tell others, and if you are not, you will tell us. In addition to the rock bottom prices for doing business with us, there is added advantage of being featured in our print Okuns Magazine and Online version. Contact us to learn more.

Our Investments Expertise

Real Estate 90
Journalism and Advertising 95
Import/Export 85
Healthcare Systems 95

“Creating sustainable value” is our purpose that unites all of us Okuns. We want to create value for our customers, our teams, our people, as well as for the wider society and communities in which we operate. Our corporate culture, purpose, vision, mission and values will unite our diverse workforce and provide a clear framework and guidance.

We have a clear long-term strategy which is based on our purpose, vision, mission and values. It is the foundation which helps us successfully to shape the future of our company. By 2020 and beyond, we want all Okuns units to generate continued profitable growth, to become more customer-focused, more innovative, more agile and fully digitized in our internal and external processes. To achieve this ambition, we will focus on four strategic priorities and financial ambitions for the coming years. In addition, we aim to promote sustainability in all our business activities, reinforcing our leading position.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Jide Okunrounmu
Dr. Jide OkunrounmuPresident/CEO
Esther Okunrounmu
Esther OkunrounmuLead Writer
Elizabeth Lucas-Afolalu
Elizabeth Lucas-AfolaluLondon Bureau Editor
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