An outreach man of prayer that fate brought into our lives accidentally with a visitation to pray  to with  a sick individual.  In the words of the person, the ”whole house shook”  after the prayer session.   Albert Einstein remarked, ”Try not to become a man of success only but a man of value: Joel Bokan is a man that can only be measured by the amount of value that he represents.  A lead pastor  with years of experience at Redeemed Church (Destiny Chapel) Wayne, Michigan, USA.  A man who embraces the mission to develop disciples both locally and globally for God.  Joel Bokan is a man that energized people to a leadership position and help one find their purpose in life. A prayerful, servant leader who has been guiding his church members to full discovering, fulfillment of their callings and missions.  A very empowering leader, strengthened by faith, creating a community of faith worshipers, leading weekly gathering such as Bible study, mid-week fellowship and encouraging spiritual development amongst his congregation and community in general. Joel Bokan pastoral efforts includes but not limited to biblical counseling, implementing and executing church vision and strategies to achieve both short and long term organization goals.   Joel Bokan is great at leading the way by examples of what he preaches. A man who is very great at connecting with people regardless of  their race, culture, beliefs and status in life.  A family man,  happily married to Deaconess Jumai and blessed with three adorable daughters-(princesses).  Today, June 2nd, and every year, we celebrate this man of God that God has been using tremendously in His vineyard; and pray for more wisdom, grace, strength and long life in Jesus name.