Ademola Owaduge can be described as a consummate salesman, a trait he inherited from his mother, Chief (Mrs) Marian Owaduge. He is someone that is very passionate about the needs and goals of his clients; a man who specializes in bringing peace of mind to his clients. A man who always credits all his personal and professional achievements to the glory of God and His abundant grace in his life.

Ademola Owaduge has climbed the ladder of life as an inspirational youth leader to a senior administrator in the Redeemed Christian Church of God. He has donated his time and money to the less privileged in our community.  A silent giver who does not like the usual publicity that goes with it. The name Ademola Owaduge means different things to different people; to some, he is called Deacon, others call him Professor; others know him as brother Demo; but the majority know him as someone who encapsulates humanity at its finest. He is a big brother, a true confidant, a counselor and always a friend in time of need.  

Ademola Owaduge is one of the diaspora ambassadors projecting Nigeria to the outside world. He is a man that make things happen.  A man who chose to create a new rather than fighting for a share of existing market. He has impacted our generation with his business experience, entrepreneurship, and academic achievements. Born as the fourth of five children to Chief & Chief (Mrs) Gabriel Owaduge from Owo, Ondo State, Nigeria, he has embarked on a journey of making a positive impact in the lives of people that he meets. He has inspired a lot of people in different capacities over the years with his exemplary personal lifestyles, social interactions, and spiritual empowerment.  

Demola has been properly called, started his professional career as a Ventures Officer in the supply chain division of Essence Mercantile Company Ltd., Lagos Nigeria. He migrated to the United States of America to join his wife in 1996. He worked briefly at Honda Manufacturing of America, Dublin, Ohio State (an automobile manufacturer). After his second engineering degree (Mechanical) in 1998, he was recruited into a management trainee program by DTE Energy (Michigan State largest utility company) where he climbed in the supply chain division until he resigned after 13 years. He later worked briefly as a Manager in the supply chain division of Chrysler Corporation (an automobile manufacturer) before he started his own business. He acquired two degrees in Engineering and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, with specialization in International Business from University of Michigan. He is currently a Doctoral candidate at North Central University studying Business Administration with specialization in Business Management. An ordained minister of God, who is married to his lovely wife, Dr. Ibidola Owaduge that works with the prestigious DMC Hospital, Michigan. This exemplary couple is blessed with two wonderful children, Adetola and Aderola.   

Demola is a supply chain procurement and automotive expert. Seeth thou a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men. Demola is an epitome of the automobile! His company can piece together a vehicle from start to finish. A man that breathe automobile. Demola‘s expertise in crash reconstruction is not only limited to motor vehicle; he also specializes in engine transformation, brake system, power steering and fuel system. Demola is one of the few experts with qualification to reconstruct a vehicle collision through all phases.   

Demola service ministry is dedicated toward the youth with help with their higher education, outreach, and Adult leadership development. He is a prayer warrior who believes in tithing to Kingdom values. He has donated to so many churches in cash and kind and has helped a lot of people to become vehicle owners. This is a man that is given to philanthropy and has positively impacted a lot of our underprivileged population.  

Demola strategic business development, coupled with his marketing and negotiation skills are quite unparalleled. His creativity, leadership drives are the pushing force that got him out of the rat race and safe zone of a monotonous salary job to a faith zone of starting his own business.  He is a man that thrives on new challenges. Thus, the birth of Demmy Ventures Incorporated.

Demmy Ventures Inc.….Demola, a man who never likes treading a worn path but like to chart a unique and unprecedented pathway; hence in 2003, he incorporated Demmy Ventures Inc., a parent organization for Demmy Auto, Demmy Consulting, and Precious Rock Services LLC.

Demmy Ventures Inc. is a unique multimillion establishment located at 7780 Majestic Street, Detroit, Michigan ( on a large span of land. Demmy Auto is involved in the sale of both domestic and foreign used vehicles, auto parts, and auto repair. Demmy Consulting is involved in supply chain procurement and logistic for both international and domestic companies. Precious Rock Services is a real estate company that rents and sells properties in both Nigeria and United States. As part of Demmy Ventures Inc. strategic short-term goals, an addition acre of land has been purchased to add to the existing facility and currently awaiting approval from City of Detroit for its expansion drive. Demmy Ventures, Inc. has been providing gainful employment to people for years, hence helping to put foods on the table for families especially the minorities.

OkunsMag Editor’s Note…It gives us great pleasure to endorse the Management and staffs of Demmy Ventures Inc. as a faith-built business with a great reputation. Demmy Ventures Inc. also has a facility for short-term financing program through other trusted companies.  We at this moment call on a revolution of minds and our community at large to embrace of our own goal setter and superstar!  Pay Demmy Ventures Inc. a visit or call them (313-285-8746) to prove us wrong or right. The choice is definitely yours and the benefits belong to us all.