Pastor Joyce Fadeyi is the resident pastor of Grace Outreach Church, UK.
She is a worship leader, musician, songwriter and church talk show host. Her
passion is to see people experience God’s love, grace and power as they
worship Him in the beauty of holiness.
She plays keyboards and acoustic guitar and is involved with praise and
worship at their church plus other churches in the UK and abroad.
She has been involved in various Church conference choirs held by Benny
Hinn, Ron Kenoly, Andre Crouch, Mission to London plus various joint church
Her debut album, I WILL ARISE’ was launched on 30th November 2013, at
Grace Outreach Church.
The album is a collective mix of musical genres expressing diverse ways of
worshipping God. The lyrics to these songs were inspired by God’s love
towards us and how He takes us on this journey of life with His word as our
source of strength.
She has produced videos to two of the songs from this album ‘Don’t give up’
and ‘Till you’re sanctified’ which can been watched on her YouTube Channel
– Joyce Fadeyi
In 2016 she started a talk show called ‘Be my guest’ which is a bi-weekly talk
show geared towards motivating, inspiring and educating us on various aspects
of our day-to-day living. This is presented in a light-heart, relaxed manner by
your host, Joyce Fadeyi.
Her desire is to minister songs with joy, passion and love pouring out from the
lyrics, creating an atmosphere for revival, restoration and rejoicing.

OkunsGroup Editor’s Note : Joyce has accepted to be writing both for OkunsMagazine and our online version on Religion, Inspirational and also sharing some of her Talk Show guests with us. We are very happy to be blessed with Pastor Joyce Fadeyi.
Contact Details:
YouTube – Joyce Fadeyi
Email : or
Instagram/Twitter : Joyce Fadeyi (jksolns)Facebook:– Joyce Fadeyi
Telephone: +447956833511