Yemisi and I have been having extraordinary time learning from you all since the dedication of our new website ( on the 6th of March 2017. We have been tracking the daily number of guests visiting and businesses calling us to place their advert, thanks. You will all be surprised by the time we releases our numbers.

Success comes in cans; failure comes in can’t. We know that we can do all things through Him which strengthened us.   We have been busy recruiting writers, bloggers and other great people to come on board to say the least. I must commend you all for all your words of encouragement and support!  People may doubt what you say, but they will always believe what you do. The tree is known and recognized and judged by its fruit. This is the Okuns brand story.

You are all going to be the key to our on-going success hence this clarification; this online website even though primarily to promote the Okuns brand businesses as previously stated in our corporate vision and mission statements, but you are going to be the ultimate key  for the success we aim for!  The online publication is going to supplement our print OkunsMagazine publication and we intend to make it interactive for you all. This is the forum where we encourage writers, bloggers, guest columnists to send us articles to share with the public thereby eliminating the annual cost  of printing our yet to be launched print magazine.

Our ultimate goal is to show case both personal and corporate achievers among us and within our society. This is not limited to our state of operation in Michigan only but throughout USA and all over the world.   Our plan is to further post our magazine on our website for all to read while using proceeds from the advertisement to support our printing cost without passing it to you our valued readers.

In conclusion, I want to thank you all for your support, words of encouragement and service to the Okunsgroup. Each one of you is so important, and each of you has an important role in our continued success by helping us spread the news of our website to your families and friends. We also encourage you all to help add comments to the articles read to encourage the writers while not forgetting to send us your profiles, biography, stories making news and project that business of yours to the world to see. While we are eagerly counting the days to the launching of our much awaited, newly re-designed, full colored and upgraded  OkunsMagazine, we the Okuns management still like to say, You are the key!

We are forever grateful for visiting our website and getting your news from us.  Kindly help spread the words around all other social media, regards, Okuns.