Fiwasaye Girls Grammar School was established in 1960. It was established as a school designed for girls to come and learn and also acquire skills and values that will enable them achieve and be successful in life. The school is located in Akure in Ondo State. The first principal was Ms. Pelly, whom yellow house was named after. Later, Ms. Shelia Davies took over from Ms. Pelly. They were both missionaries from Britain.

Fiwasaye Girls Grammar School continues to shed light on the course of female education in Nigeria and attitude towards women’s intellectual and professional capabilities. It endeavors to prepare girls to excel in a public sphere that is normally dominated by men. It continues to teach and inspire its students to be unique, develop a strong character in excellence and to strive to live a life of integrity and purpose every day. This is evident through the Fiwasaye old girls. Many have gone on to achieve great things in life and proven that female education is of great importance. Fiwasaye old girls are all over the globe impacting the world around them.