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We focus on delivering complete and trusted news and special event announcements.  We strive to showcase our community in great light. Join the community!

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By |March 4th, 2019|Categories: Inspirational|

YES YOU CAN by Elizabeth YES YOU CAN!! This is Inspirational,  motivational and transformational for every woman, young adult, young couple and youth and families. In every challenges [...]

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Simply put, we thrive on making our customers and partners successful through innovative partnerships and service delivery.

Okuns Rehab unit business unit is a leading solution provider for out-patient (Careplus), homecare and medical equipment services. OkunsMagazine is the leading advertising platform and promotion of Okuns brands. Okuns Finance is the unit that gives out short-term loan for cars, goods and housing.

Okuns Rental is involves in renting out goods or products not limited to our core service areas. Okuns Rental offers a multitude of applications to satisfy the needs of different target groups: consumers and industrial businesses either in beauty care, adult foster & daycare services, catering and event planning services. Okuns Rental unit is an offshore of our globally known Okuns Plaza (OkunsVenture Inc.).

The Celebration of Achievers, Culture and Business.

We strive to spotlight the contribution of individuals, groups as well corporations. We intend to promote peaceful co-existence, unity and progress of African and American.

We have a deliberate policy of making all Okuns brand name, be it Okuns Magazine, Finance, Rental, Rehabilitation, and miscellaneous services competitive without compromising quality. Our word is our bond.

At Okuns Investment, LLC, we are never happy until our client is satisfied. Our objective is not to make jumbo profits from one client at a time, but on volume of business, hence the offer of several incentives at no additional cost for continuous business relationship purposes, with the hope that if you are satisfied with our service, you will tell others, and if you are not, you will tell us. In addition to the rock bottom prices for doing business with us, there is added advantage of being featured in our print Okuns Magazine and Online version. Contact us to learn more.

Rehab Systems

Okuns has a deep specialty in supplying healthcare systems and equipment.

Trusted Supplier

No matter the location, Okuns can deliver to your needs. We are a global company.

Journalism & Advertising

Okuns Magazine features exciting and innovative news in the community!

Okuns Magazine

Featuring businesses, organizations and events in the community, Okuns Magazine has you covered.

Finance & Loans

The Okuns Real Estate helps you create the wealth for now and for the future.

Wealth Assets

We manage and source finance for investments for investors of all types and sizes. We give peace of mind.

Rentals & Facilities

We offer a multitude of applications to satisfy the needs of different target groups.

Okuns Rentals

We rent out goods or products not limited to our core service areas.  Okuns Rental unit is an offshore of our globally known Okuns Plaza (OkunsVenture Inc.).

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Amazing company and top class support, as I’m a business beginner, Dr. Okuns helped me above and beyond and was more than patient, his deliveries were quick and he has a genuine care for you to succeed and move forward with your business! Highly recommended!
John Smith, Biz Inc.
You do fantastic work procuring and delivering my clinic equipment. You have an amazing company and amazing/awesome support. This is what I call an “extra mile” in customer relationship. Wonderful!
Jane Doe, ABC Clinic Inc.
I procured a number of automotive vehicles with Okuns’ automotive broking service.  I would like to recommend it to every one interested in building international trade without knowledge of the market. It is very convenient and the customer service is very reactive.
Aaron Jones, Auto One Inc.
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